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Marie Curie Chair
Virtual University on Laser Science: Lectures
Topics Authors
Lasers (general)
Light-matter interaction (basics)
Ultrashort pulses: generation / amplification
Günter Steinmeyer, Max-Born-Institut, Berlin, Germany
Ultrashort pulses: characterization
Rick Trebino, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Nonlinear frequency conversion of ultrashort pulses
Ultrashort pulses: soft and hard x-ray range
Techniques Authors
Nonlinear light-matter interaction and spectroscopy
Oleksiy Roslyak & Shaul Mukamel, Department of Chemistry, University of California, USA
Halina Abramczyk, Technical University of Lodz, Poland
Max Born Institute, Germany
Methods of nonlinear ultrafast spectroscopy (experiment)
Eric Vauthey, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Structure sensitive ultrafast methods
Research and applications Authors
Ground state dynamics of liquids (experiment)
Ground state dynamics of liquids (theory)
Ultrafast intra- and intermolecular dynamics
Arnulf Materny, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
Two-dimensional spectroscopy of vibrational and electronic excitations in molecular systems
Peter Hamm, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Ultrafast photochemistry
Ultrafast photobiology
G. Fleming, University of California, Berkeley, California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3) & Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
Ultrafast spectroscopy of semiconductors
Ultrafast spectroscopy of metals and correlated materials
Structural dynamics of solids
Application in telecom
Halina Abramczyk, Technical University of Lodz, Poland
Max Born Institute, Germany
Biomedical diagnostics and imaging
George Filippidis, Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Greece
M.Diem, Laboratory for Spectral Diagnosis Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Northeastern University, USA
R. J. Dwayne Miller Departments of Chemistry and Physics, and The Institute for Optical Sciences University of Toronto, Canada
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